Hello ! My name is Shammi, Welcome.

Deciding  that therapy could be an option at this point in your life is an important one. Maybe you are looking for more  clarity and understanding about certain issues in your life and want a space to breath, talk and explore. Hopefully I can describe a bit about how I work so that you can decide whether you will take this journey with me.


Why Therapy?

People come to therapy for many different reasons such as feeling low or depressed. Having stress or anxiety. Feeling lonely. Sometimes things can feel overwhelming and you don’t feel like you can cope. You maybe experiencing difficulties  with intimate relationships and family dynamics. Life too can bring about very stressful times such as bereavement, loss and grief, or divorce  and separation, work and financial worries. Then there maybe issues that you  have been struggling with for a long time such as identity, sexuality, perhaps traumatic experiences, or just ‘feeling different’ and that you ‘don’t quite belong’. Therapy can also be a place for personal self -development; exploring experiences and patterns in your life that you may have always been curious about.

How I work

I believe my relationship with you in the therapy room is important for change and transformation. So I aim to create a space which is open, non- judgemental and empathic. Where we can explore your thoughts and feelings together, in a collaborative process. I feel each client is unique, bringing with them their own experiences, therefore each therapy process is unique. Respecting and valuing you as an individual, I am mindful of culture, religion, sexuality and the beliefs and values you hold.

Sessions and Fees

Initial  Consultation £40.  Fees thereafter are £70 per session.

I do have some space for low cost therapy.

I provide both long term open ended work and short term work which is usually 12 weeks

Please feel free to contact me either by email you can click on Contact or call me confidentially on 07976164833 

Location N12 

BACP  Registered. BAATN Registered.